My Background

Ten years ago, I became a Connecticut certified History and Social Studies teacher for grades 7-12 because I enjoy working with young people. I was a lead teacher and curriculum designer of US History and Government, Cultural Geography, English Composition and Expository Writing, Creative Writing, and enrichment classes in Art at a small charter high school for students who had not succeeded in a traditional classroom. I am experienced in using technology in the classroom. Before Google Docs became widely used, I was using Wikispaces and wiki software to teach collaborative learning.

This year marks my fifth year as a teacher specializing in one-on-one learning. I am a home- bound tutor for five school districts in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I collaborate with students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Often, I function as a liaison and student advocate, and work closely with teachers and administrators to ensure students are able to make a smooth transition back into school.  This can involve adapting assignments for each individual student and adjusting deadlines.

My objectives are to provide my students:

  • with skills to advance their learning,
  • a strategy for long term academic achievement.
  • confidence in themselves as capable learners.

I also privately tutor students in any subject in the Humanities including U.S. History, World History, Asian or Latin American History, Government/Civics, Geography, Anthropology, Psychology, Art History, and all subjects in Language Arts (e.g. grade level English, Composition, Expository Writing, Creative Writing, Poetry).   I provide a strong foundation in the basic elements of reading, analysis, research and writing. The instructional focus may be either remedial or enrichment. Help with homework is provided together with organizational strategies and time management.

Take a look at what parents and my peers have said about me on my Testimonials page.

Vassar College (BA ’78)
Columbia University/School of International and Public Affairs (MIA ’84)
Connecticut State Department of Education’s Alternate Route to Teacher Certification (’04)
Sacred Heart University, Graduate School of Education (27 credits, 4.0 GPA ’05-’06)

Two years of post-graduate language studies:
Mandarin Training Center, Taipei, Taiwan (Certificate, ’79)
Fu Dan U., People’s Republic of China (Certificate in Chinese Literature’80)

See my LinkedIn profile for information on my earlier careers in business and journalism.