Long Distance Learning

Long Distance Learning via SKYPE is a good option for students who will miss more than 2 weeks of school because they will be out-of-town for personal or professional reasons.     For example, 

  • Are you going on a long distance trip with your family?
  • Are you an athlete or artist whose competitions or performances will take you away from your school?
  • Are you moving?

Long Distance Learning via SKYPE is a good option for international students who are learning English as a Foreign Language and wish to connect with an American teacher who can help them with pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary, grammar and writing.          

Long Distance Learning via SKYPE is a good option for international students who would like a personalized and affordable plan for applying to U.S. colleges or universities.   For example,

  • Do you know which state colleges or universities are recruiting foreign students from your country?
  • Do you know which colleges or universities are suitable for your daughter or son based on his or her grades, test scores and academic interests?
  • Do you know how to prepare your son or daughter for applying to college abroad and for living abroad as an international student ( can she or he drive a car?).

If you are interested in Long Distance Learning via SKYPE, please contact me via email at atutorforsuccess@gmail.com for information on rates and schedules.   

Before beginning a long distance learning program, I require a complimentary ten minute SKYPE interview with each student and parent/guardian. All SKYPE sessions are paid in advance via PayPal.  SKYPE sessions may be cancelled and rescheduled without penalty provided 24 hour notice is submitted via email or text.   I allow for one emergency cancellation at no charge.  

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