Parent Testimonials

“I can’t thank you enough for your pick-me-up visit; it improved both of our spirits.  You have certainly been a bright spot in this whole miserable experience.  She’ll get through it at some point, I know, and it’s going to be not only by finding the right doctors, but because of people like you.”
– Darien High School parent, 2014

“C is doing well. She maintained a good GPA and is back on track to go to college. You played a big role in saving her.”
New Canaan High School parent, 2013

“Hi Anita.  I want to let you know that you are making a big difference in J’s life and not just as it relates to his circumstance this year.  He got in the car on Wednesday and said he had just had one of the best conversations of his life. That is a pretty big thing to say!  He feels so engaged and so heard.  It makes me work harder at home to see that he can feel the same at home!  J now starts the majority of the best conversations we have at home about why China failed, how Scout or anyone in the face of extreme bigotry can remain tolerant, etc. THANK YOU!”
New Canaan High School parent, 2013

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