Peer Testimonials

“I worked with Anita for three years at Stamford Academy and have known her professionally and personally for over ten years. I had an opportunity to see how Anita delivered interesting lessons to the students and generously supported work of her fellow colleagues. It was my pleasure to attend one of the sessions that Anita organized at New Canaan High School this winter. The session was on technology in education with the focus on using iPads and popular network websites in the classroom. By organizing this event, Anita showed how important it is to her to make sure that the teachers are up to date with the current trends in education. A few years ago, at Stamford Academy she trained teachers in applying technology at SA, using the SMARTBOARD.” – Ljiljana Djinovic, Curriculum Associate for Secondary Math, Stamford Public Schools

“Ms. Peters is a talented social studies teacher who is equally passionate about teaching of literacy through the content area as she is teaching all of the facets of social studies – history, geography, government, civics, economics, and current events.  When I observed an ethic’s lesson as part of a civics course, she demonstrated probing questioning techniques that promote critical thinking.  She also utilized a variety of effective teaching strategies that aid clarity and retention, including checking for understanding, wait time and repetition.  In addition, her lesson incorporated an assessment on editing and revising. Throughout the year, Ms. Peters designed creative, challenging lessons embedded with instruction in literacy.” – Kathleen A. Fernald, Director of Instruction, HCZ Promise Academy Charter Schools

“I consider Anita to be among the most dedicated and reflective teachers I have had the pleasure of working with.  She is a true professional, and I am pleased to offer her my recommendation to any teaching position.” – David Kostek, Former Director of Technology, Stamford Academy

“Anita strives to come up with diverse and academically sound pedagogical experiences that truly engage the learners in her classroom.  I have observed her many times, and she regularly guides her students in cooperative group exercises that not only address the subject at hand, but also avails them the opportunity to work on improving their core reading, writing and mathematical skills.  Ms. Peters is always taking curriculum and adapting it to ensure that the various learning styles and ability levels of her students are met. Anita Peters has also been a key player in developing the Social Studies curriculum, and she has proved herself to be a building-leader at Stamford Academy by developing a universal lesson plan format and spearheading the implementation of Curriculum Mapping.  She has the respect of her colleagues, the administration, and, the students she works with at Stamford Academy.” – H. Justin Cosell, Former Dean of Students, Stamford Academy, current high school teacher in NYC

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